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Decoding E-Commerce – The State of Play to Win the Digital Shelf

E-commerce is the biggest shelf – at the same time it is the smallest shelf of all

What used to work out for marketers has been challenged by digitalization, the rise of the platform economy and finally by the pandemic – we’re in in the midst of transformation.

With our white paper we want to stimulate thinking, exploration, discussion and at the end help every brand become a game changer to win fast at and beyond the digital shelf in Germany.

If you have any questions or are interested in further information, please contact Sascha Jansen.

The Authors: 

Paul Remitz, Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom Media Group Germany
Steve Flemming, Managing Partner E-Commerce, Omnicom Media Group Germany
Petra Slomke, Head of E-Commerce, Omnicom Media Group Germany
Paul Niemeyer, Director Digital Media Amazon & E-Commerce, Resolution Media
Sascha Jansen, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Media Group Germany
Klaus Stinnertz, Managing Director, OMD Germany
Thorsten Decker, Managing Director, OMD Germany
Daniel Schetter, Executive Director Client Lead & Paid Traffic, Resolution Media